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Heatmor outdoor furnaces

Here is our Heatmor model 400DCSS with custom colored to perfectly match the entire homestead.

Heatmor furnaces are available in almost any color combination! This is our model 200CSS heating a ranch home and garage.

1-10 gauge 409 stainless steel
2-Stainless steel chimney
3-Water cooled door increase efficiency and longevity
4-Over under pre-heated forced draft
5-Firebrick lined, cleaner burn, increased efficiency
6-Easy ash removal 
7-Exit flue for increased efficiency
8-Large easy access rear door
9-Expansion bladder for longevity of furnace
10-Safety roll out device
11-R19 side R38 roof super insulation for high efficiency
12-Safety relief
13-Easy flue clean out
14-Cast iron grate system for complete combustion
15-Water level indicator
16-Water temperature gauge 

Our Heatmor

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